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Hi! I'm Kireet Suvra


Hi. I am Kireet Suvra Chakraborty; the creator of THE W E D D I N G VOW and your Wedding photographer. I absolutely love my job and everything that comes with it. I appreciate the people I meet, the moments I capture, the places I go, the hours I shoot and the spontaneity in every single click.

Based out of Kolkata, a young man of 25years, with an IT background, ex-employee of a renowned IT company turned into a full time wedding photographer in no time. The interest for photography ran in my veins since I was a teenager. Never thought of risking my 09:00am- 06:00pm job for my passion. But I did risk every bit of it and by The Almighty’s grace and my parents and clients love, support and immense faith; I am a successful photographer now. There have been hard times but my will power kept me going.

I appreciate the raw reality of everyday life, the fleeting beauty of those in between moments. I love to capture candid moments and save it for a lifetime for my clients. I love to learn new things and try to create memories for people who trust THE W E D D I N G VOW. Every day is filled with new moments; my camera is a Save button for the mind’s eye.

Hope to reproduce the best magical moments for my clients in days to come. Thank you all for having faith in me.




C-95, Brahmapur More
Garia, Kolkata
India, 700096
+91 896 102 6261

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Frequently Asked Questions

As per the contract we deliver everything within 45 to 90 days after the wedding. This means the simpler deliverables like images are delivered within 35-45 days after the wedding depending on the seasonal work load specially during the peak wedding season when we could run into a backlog of 15-20 days. The highlight film and trailer usually take upto 75-95 days for the delivery. We need two basic documents from the couple for the completion of the Highlight film in time - First is their music selection (various sound tracks you want for various sections / events of the film) and second is the credits title (family names) for the opening and closing sections of the film. A delay in the submission of these documents will exponentially delay the delivery dates of the highlight film. As a thumb-rule, we expect to receive these two documents from the couple within 40-45 days after the wedding.
As we are extremely quality conscious artist the delivery of the outputs may be delayed beyond 100 days, however it is possible that the director of the film is unhappy with some portions of the film and a request for a revision / re-edit - in which case a delay might happen. So its all good in good spirit. We apologize for the inconvenience ( should a delay happen) But assure you that we will not release anything that we don't absolutely adore.
Everything that has been shot by us is your property. We dont hold back anything. You get all the RAW videos as well as the final videos on a 1 or 2 Terabyte Thunderbolt drive provided by you. The RAW videos are clips of the videos shot by all our cameras (They may be useful for edits later like first anniversary / 25th anniversary etc.)
No. Please. We absolutely do not recommend it. Apart from being uneconomical, it may obstruct and tamper with our work. The advantage of a single team is that we will get clean, unobstructed visual frames without badly dressed / behaved local photographers jumping into our frames and ruining the film moments.
To make your day special and worth remembering we need to know few details from your end. Kindly fill up the form in the 'CONTACT US' page.